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Welcome to Missionary Ventures Great Britain and Europe.

 We are an international mission organisation and a UK registered charity committed to preaching the gospel and making disciples to impact the nations for Christ. 

Our mission is to provide Christians and churches with great opportunities to get involved in what God is doing around the world.

We do this in three main ways

sending short-term mission teams overseas, raising up short and long term missionaries together with administrating and raising funds for programmes and projects.


Vanuatu NewsYou may have heard on the news recently about the storms that have hit Vanuata. Firslty we would ask you to pray for the people there, and for both Missionary Ventures Australia and NewZealand who have co-workers and ministry partners on the ground who can reach out urgently to those in need.

If you want to support financially to the situation out there please go to our giving page within the website, and ensure that you state its for the purpose of Vanuata. We will ensure that the money gets to them as soon as possible.

The story so far: 
We had further confirmation all our staff in Port Vila Vanuatu are safe, however they report wide spread devastation and still no power and very little communications.
We still have no news from the Blacksand community and islands of Nguna & Pele where we also work, Some of the villages on these island face the open sea and very vulnerable to storm surges. Please pray for these villages and communities.

To find out more please visit our Australia and Newzealand websites. Thank you.

Viv Breaking the Ground, with the MV India Trustees looking onOver the past year or so we have been busy raising funds to help to care for the orphans and provide a much needed medical clinic, in Isnapur, near Hyderabad, India.
Read More about Isnapur Project
Digging the foundations

So in November 2014 the existing single-story church building and land was purchased and in recent weeks the building was demolished and the land cleared. Foundations have been laid for what will eventually be a three-story facility and the holes dug for the steelwork.

The good news is that we have raised most of what we need to complete the ground floor - we are just £4,000 short. We are believing God for his provision for this and the remaining £40,000 or so for the first and second floors.
If you want to donate please go directly to our Giving page.

Pieter and Marie de BruinIt gives us great pleasure to confirm the appointment of Pieter and Mari de Bruin as Field Coordinators for Swaziland and Acting Field Coordinators for the South of Mozambique – Gaza Province - where Ps Andre Ngovene is serving.

Will you join us in welcoming them into the Missionary Ventures family? We trust relationships will grow from strength to strength on the African continent as together we impact, involve and inspire people to spread the Good News. 

John 13:35 (NKJV) “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” 

(Click our image to read more).

2015-Snowdon-ChallengeThis year’s challenge is to raise funds for a project in Phonjwane, Swaziland. A lady called Hlalisile is caring for nine children who have been abused by their parents; neglected; malnourished; some are double orphans i.e. both parents have died from HIV and Aids.

Hlalisile is in the process of building an extension that will enable her to take in more children and we want to provide much needed funds, to complete the work and provide bunk beds for the extra children she could take in.

The house is aptly called, 'Emseni' which means
                                      House of Grace.

Soap Project

This week, we launched another new development project. Soap making. Our group of 20 men, women and young adults will begin teaching healthy practices of washing hands, etc., and sell soap to begin their new business. Meanwhile, our group of 9 tailors are busy making the reusable (washable) feminine pads that will be given to thousands of school girls. This project has paid tailors who would otherwise have no work, and will keep girls in school. These jobs will help families pay school fees for their children and buy food during annual periods of famine. So exciting!

A few words from Uganda

Abu: “Before training I could suffer from malaria and be on medication for a full year and would spend money hence remaining poor at the end of the year. But now I am okay ...and since the beginning of this year (2014) to now (Nov. 2014), I and my family have never suffered from malaria.”
Fred: “I used to walk barefoot to keep my shoes from getting spoiled not knowing that this is how some parasites could enter my body. Now I wear shoes all the time.”

Joshua (Spiritual Leader): “Our home has become a hygienic model home in the community and neighbours have started to copy from us.”

Venicus: “I have also discovered that only clean boiled water is safe for drinking. Not all clean looking water is safe.”

Juliet: “Before I joined the training, my family experienced a lot of sickness due to poor hygiene and sanitation. We used to suffer from malaria. Every week children could suffer from diarrhoea and cough... we are no longer falling sick every week.”

Lydia: “We used to eat one type of food thinking we had a balanced diet. I know now how to have a balance diet which includes the different types of food.”