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Welcome to Missionary Ventures Great Britain and Europe.

 We are an international mission organisation and a UK registered charity committed to preaching the gospel and making disciples to impact the nations for Christ. 

Our mission is to provide Christians and churches with great opportunities to get involved in what God is doing around the world.

We do this in three main ways

sending short-term mission teams overseas, raising up short and long term missionaries together with administrating and raising funds for programmes and projects.


Refugee camp by nightWe have just heard from Tommie and Gunilla Naumann and they say that the ministry to refugees is going well. They oversee four people from their church near Thessaloniki who are working with the Macedonian Red Cross in a large camp on the border between Greece and Macedonia. They are there day and night helping the 7,000 men, women and children who pass through every day.

The transit camp where they work daily is on the Macedonian side but there is another camp on the Greek side and it is only 800m between the camps so the refugees are first put into the Greek one and then the walk over to the Macedonian one. On the Greek side they only stay for up to one hour but on the Macedonian side they stay from 6 to 12 hours before they are put on buses or trains to the North of the country.

They have passes which allow them to go into the camp and give out much-needed clothes, toys, food, medicines for children, blankets and raincoats. The refugees are from generally warm and dry places but are finding it difficult as they travel to colder and wetter countries as winter approaches. Tommie and Gunilla have also been able to source 100 Bibles in Arabic which are given to those they have had the opportunity to pray for and talk a little bit deeper with.

swaziland meetingAfter our 2015 Challenge where we raised almost £8,000 for the Ensemi House of Grace, the new  building extension can go ahead. The New home will have separate bedrooms for boys and girls, proper showers/toilets, communal lounge, kitchen and private living quarters for the house parent (Hlalisile Gamedze). 

A team from the UK will be working on the building from 12th to 23rd February 2016 to construct the facility. We are looking for others to join the team, who have either practical skills or who can work with the children. If you would like to be part of the team, please click here.

Swaziland construction

Operation Orphan loading lorrykeep a child logoOperation Orphan 'Keep a Child Warm' is again partnering with Missionary Ventures in visiting orphanages in the Piscani region of Moldova. Victor and Yolanda Neagu along with their daughter Charisse are our MV Field Administrators for Moldova having recently spent a whole year ministering and spreading the Gospel among many villages. Please continue to pray for them as they deliver warm clothing to those in need. We look forward to hearing the news from the trip.

operation orphan moldova

RuthThis is Ruth’s testimony, one of many stories of how the ‘Three Stones’ training has helped families in rural Uganda.

She says “Before I received the training, I was getting sick all of the time and spending a lot of money in hospital and clinics.  After studying how to use safe water and wash our hands after visiting the toilet my family has become healthier. We are also eating a more balanced diet. The training has helped us to save money on medication and doctors so I am now able to pay the school fees of my children. I have also managed to buy a second hand motor cycle which cost 1,400,000.Ugandan Shillings (£400 )”

Malaki and Beulah DaraAt the out-set we raise a big shout of praise and ovation to God! Thank you so much for all your incredible prayers and support. It was an amazing experience driving our own fiery chariot to visit unreached areas and encourage missionary leaders with vision.  It’s been seventy days since the vehicle became our own. With it, God has enabled us to travel 5412 km (3362 miles) in Andhra Pradesh. We met 13 national leaders, visit 16 regions, conduct a pastoral family enrichment seminar and a music ministry seminar. We were so happy to see 12 people baptised during this mission trip. Below are stories from the trip:

Young men came for a Music Ministry seminar

Young Men join as Worship Teaching Team

Four young men from one church congregation came to Hyderabad for a Music Ministry seminar and then conduct workshops in different places to encourage the young men and women in this ministry. As a result, these young men applied the teaching and joined us at Nalgonda. Once there, the church congregation and the leaders were so happy for us to join them in their church anniversary celebrations. We encouraged them from God’s Word and urged them to continue attempting great things for God.

Rod Fairbrother - from BuryThe focus of the challenge this year was to support the work of the Emseni house of grace for abused and orphaned children in Phonjwane, Swaziland. I understand that the lady who runs the home has taken into her own small home a number of needy children and cares for them there. The project is to raise funds to build an extension to her home to accommodate the children, a very good cause.

I heard about the challenge through a MV meeting I attended and expressed my interest in being involved. I have always loved walking in the mountains and have led many groups on mountain walks including Snowdon on a number of occasions and by various routes.

I was very happy to be asked to help plan the walk and be involved in leading a group on the day. On the day there were a number