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1) Short-Term Teams Training Days

The first initial training can be spread over a day or two, depending on how large the team is and the individual commitments. The training days can either be carried out at the Team Leaders choice, or at our offices here in Rochdale.

This is an informative, fun and relaxing time with your team leader laying down foundations for your chosen trip. You will be looking at:

  • The purpose of a short term team
  • Team dynamics, and team building
  • Cultural issues you will be crossing into
  • Serving and Giving 
  • Practical Preparation (costs, health, luggage etc.)
  • Your Spiritual Preparation as an individual and as a team
  • What you will be doing
  • Journalling and Evaluating

Depending on the team you have chosen to go on, will depend on how many times you get to meet up with your team before going.

Short-Term Teams Training |  Field Training Orientation | Attend a Conference

Developing Confident Team Leaders


2) Team Leadership Training

If you want to become a Team Leader please contact us, you won't be disappointed by the training that is given, its insightful and presented in a relaxed, and fun way. Q & A's will be interspersed throughout, and jammed packed with lots of information but times when your response will be 'aah,' 'got it!' and the like.

As a potential Team Leader you will be given the resources you will need on the day, and get to meet Missionary Ventures Director along with the Office Manager.

The day is broken up into Four sessions looking at Developing Your Confidence. . .

1. In Missionary Ventures

2. To Build and Prepare your Team

3. During the Trip

4. To Go Further

It is a days training that can either be organised at your church, here at our offices in Rochdale, or venues that will suite everyone, including Tea / Coffee, and Lunch.

Short-Term Teams Training | Team Leadership Training |  Attend a Conference


3) Field Training - Orientation for Field Coordinators (FC) and Field Administrators (FA)

This is for those who sense they have a call of God to serve in another country with us.

The Field Training/Orientation would be spread over two days where you will get to meet the Missionary Ventures Team, and includes lunch and dinner for the first day and lunch for the following day. 

The following subjects are covered:

  • Who is Missionary Ventures
  • Policies and Procedures
  • What is the Gospel and Discipleship?
  • Your Spiritual Life on the Field
  • Personal Finance Matters
  • How MV Supports its Workers
  • Crossing Cultural Boundaries
  • Coping on the Field
  • Successful Partnerships
  • Hosting Teams
  • Handling Money
  • including a Q and A session

2012 Orientation Training Day

In adddition to this orientation other more extensive training is tailored to each individual or couple to prepare you for the field. This could include an internship in a selected country and language studies. 


     "It was helpful, with most of my anxieties
      being answered"

     "It sealed our relationship with Missionary Ventures"

     "The topics covered were relevant to what we needed
      to know."

     "Very good and informative, made me look at
      mission in a more professional and godly way."

Short-Term Teams Training | Team Leadership Training |  Field Training Orientation |


4) Attend a MV Conference

Our next North Conference will be held on the 7th - 8th November at New life Community Church, 3 Edmund Street Milnrow, Rochdale 0L16 4HR - Please click to see more information.

These days are jammed packed with worship, teaching, workshops, meeting up with the field coordinators hearing what is going on around the world, and great fellowship, food and fun.

We will be sending out e-newsletters, bulletins to church leaders, and mail-outs to all those who are on our mailing list. This is a chance to invite your friends too, and a conference not to miss. To find out what last years conference was about please click now.

Worship at the North Ignite ConferenceSandy's workshop at the South Ignite Conference

Short-Term Teams Training | Team Leadership Training |  Field Training Orientation |