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Welcome to Missionary Ventures Great Britain and Europe.

 We are an international mission organisation and a UK registered charity committed to preaching the gospel and making disciples to impact the nations for Christ. 

Our mission is to provide Christians and churches with great opportunities to get involved in what God is doing around the world.

We do this in three main ways

sending short-term mission teams overseas, raising up short and long term missionaries together with administrating and raising funds for programmes and projects.


unloading lorryUnloading- lorryCoordinating a mission involving a lorry bringing goods and a team arriving by plane requires patience and careful planning with a good dose of prayer in the whole mix! The lorry waited at the border for hours as documents were processed to allow the contents to get through customs. But eventually word came, and Victor went to Cahul to receive the lorry and guide it back to Pascani village. Young people met us there to help unload and store the boxes in the school gymnasium.

The next afternoon Victor went to Chisinau airport to meet the team from Operation Orphan. In the meantime, I stayed in Pascani and went to a Sunday service with the young people in a church called Speranta (Hope). They sang and led the worship in the church. The preaching was excellent, and we enjoyed spending time together just like when we lived in Moldova.

We have been back in England for 6 months now after spending a year living in Pascani, in a little village in Moldova, sharing the love of Jesus and discipling young people in the local church.

We have gone back into our old jobs I am working on the children’s ward and Victor continues with his joinery. In March Brad Moore came to Moldova to propose a mission to deliver warm coats and clothing to orphaned children in Moldova, Pascani. It was a vision and a proposal for Victor and I to pray about and to be involved in and now here we are 6 months down the line stuck in an airport waiting for yet anther connecting flight. We have two more flights before we touch Moldovan soil, so tiring yet so worth it. But we are ready to meet the lorries arriving in the next couple of days and preparing the distribution team and place before the England 'Operation Orphan' team arrive on Saturday.

Ever heard of an eternal seed? It is something that keeps on growing and bearing spiritual fruit even after we die. Impossible? No, when we invest in God's Kingdom this is exactly what happens. Seventeen years after Missionary Ventures became a registered charity in the UK we are launching a legacy scheme inviting friends of MV to consider leaving a gift in their wills. A new leaflet is available which explains all about it. Your gift would help us to continue the work we are doing to reach the lost and show God's amazing love in some of the neediest places on the planet. Go ahead and plant an eternal seed today.

Please click on the image below:

Brother JayarajuBrother Jayaraju familyIn the last nine months, Pastor Jayaraju has pioneered new works in 4 different villages. He has shared the Gospel with many people and prayed for their difficult situations. To God’s glory, Pastor Jayaraju has water baptised 8 people and 6 other people are ready to take baptism. He is now praying to start ministry in 3 different villages and one town.

Incomplete Church BuildingThis pastor is in the process of discipling 4 believers. One of these disciples is ready to take care take of the believers in one of the new villages. And this disciple is now discipling three families and four young people. But this disciple’s parent is considering to cut him off as a son and not inherit the land. But he is praying for his family to know Jesus as the Lord of their lives and praying for the ministry that God has entrusted him.

Yana SotiriouDear Friends,
We want to thank you for supporting ministry to gypsy people. 
My team and I have been working with gypsy children for more than 6 years. First we had a class with children once a week. This was OK, but it was impossible to reach so many needs. Then we started doing classes twice a week, which worked better. Later on we started doing Preschool twice a week and Bible and art classes twice a week for older children. Two years ago children started going to public school and preschool, so it became easier for us to do our part in this work and collaborate with local teachers. At the moment we do an art program and bible class with children twice a week.

Abigail HardingThird Culture Kids and Missionary Kids. The first is difficult to define and means something different to everyone it applies to. The second conjures up images of Western children living in mud huts and blazing trails across unchartered territories for Jesus.

For the past three years I have spent a week every summer on a camp specifically for young people who fall under the misjudged and misunderstood categories of TCK and Mish Kid.

As one myself, I can safely tell you that we’re just kids. We love life! What makes us more complex is what makes us who we are.