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Welcome to Missionary Ventures Great Britain and Europe.

 We are an international mission organisation and a UK registered charity committed to preaching the gospel and making disciples to impact the nations for Christ. 

Our mission is to provide Christians and churches with great opportunities to get involved in what God is doing around the world.

We do this in three main ways

sending short-term mission teams overseas, raising up short and long term missionaries together with administrating and raising funds for programmes and projects.


These are just some of the children in Isnapur children's home that Rob saw when he was in India, in July this year.

Sneba from Siddipet


Is 11 years old and from Siddipet. Both her parents died when she was young and has been cared for by Pastor Seemon and his family for the last eight years. She loves studying the English language and would like to be a doctor one day.

Caleb from ZambiaWhen I entered the prison one day I was led to a weak woman with pleading eyes who had given birth to a son two days earlier and whom she named Caleb. It was a fitting name for one still in the hospital fighting to stay alive. She and the baby had nothing – no food, nothing to care for herself after childbirth, no soap, no towel, no clothes. You made it possible to provide these necessities for them both and, in the days to come, formula for Caleb. You see, his mother was HIV+ and in days returned to the hospital and subsequently passed away.

This left us with a newborn who needed a home. The Lord provided House of Moses and then Rafiki Foundation for Caleb to be lovingly nurtured in a Christian environment, and in the years to come, he will be given an excellent education and skills training. He hasn’t changed in his two years – he is still the noisiest when he is hungry! Caleb is a wonderful example of God using you to provide for this orphan so many miles away to give him a future and a hope. Thank you for making such a huge difference in this little one’s life and future.

Click the link if would you like to sponsor the work through Breaking the Chains project

The Youth with Victor and Yolanda Neagu

Svetik SelemetI was born in the town Vulcanesti but moved to the village of Pascani when I was five. As a family we only spoke Russian, but when I was six, I began learning Romanian. It was difficult for me. My mum was the only Christian in our family and began taking me to church and Sunday school. I didn’t like that either and in fact I loathed it, but I went out of love for my mum.

Marshalls getting readyGetting Ready






The Challenge took place on 7th June with a great team of 35 walking the Edale Skyline in the Peak district. In what now seems tradition with our walking Challenges in the north, the weather forecast was not good. Due to the bad forecast the first section had to be kept at a lower level to avoid predicted thunderstorm’s and lightning.

Map of Denmark by FreeVectorMaps.comOn 1st May we travelled to Denmark where we ministered at a Church Camp at Virksund. We were encouraged upon our arrival there when Mikkel, pictured below, came straight up to Viv. Last year, Mikkel had gone blind in one eye and had been told the eye would probably have to be removed. Viv had prayed for him then and not only did Mikkel keep his eye, but he now has 40% vision in it.

Showing the setting for the conferenceRegional Conference, April 24 – 27.MV staff and missionary families gathered from eleven countries to recharge spiritual batteries and step aside from intense field activity for 4 days to attend the MV Regional Conference in Nicaragua, Central America. Nearly 90 of us gathered on the Pacific coast. The conference topic was Discipling the Nations. The 6 speakers were diverse in their presentation but blended challenging insights into Jesus’ command to “Make disciples of all nations.